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Hi and welcome!

I'm a technology blogger, IT and Health IT consultant, and photographer.  


I like all things related to technology and how we can use it to improve our lives.  I've been sharing my knowledge with the world online at a site called "askme.com" (IIRC) since the late 90s and was in fact the #1 expert in consumer electronics for a number of years, #3 in computers.  Unfortunately the site went bankrupt or got bought out and all the information was lost.  I decided it was time to take a break from the public consulting scene. Still, I've tested some products, written reviews, and gave my opinions to industry affiliates here and there.

I've recently started sharing some new reviews that you will find posted here and formerly on youtube as well as on epinions.  You can find some of my latest reviews here.  While almost all my reviews have an affiliate link in there somewhere, you'll find that I'm blatantly honest (some say too honest) about what I think about it.  

90% of the stuff I review I acquired myself online or in an old fashioned brick and mortar store - many times from affiliates that also happen to advertise here.  If a review sample was provided for review, its clearly noted in the review. 

Information Tech and HIT Man

I've been working with computers since the late 80s when my parents bought a brand new build-it-yourself IBM XT 8086 Turbo with 640kb of RAM, and 360k floppy drive.  I still remember my dad carefully attaching the memory modules to the motherboard one by one, and booting up to DOS.

I do tech consulting for consumer electronics, and high tech industry, and tech reviews, some of which I post on Youtube here.

Some projects I've done in HIT include the largest scale (at the time, 2012) rollout of a telehealth platform for specialist referrals and consultation platforms, and now extensive HIPAA Security Risk Assessments for organizations throughout the greater Los Angeles county, Orange County, and now expanded across the country.


Photography has been a passion of mine since the 90s.  I took pictures of everything!  However, it wasn't until college that I really got my hands wet with developer and dark room chemicals.  Suffice to say that I didn't like the idea of spending too much time handling cancer causing reagents so when the early digital cameras came out, I just had to get one.  The rest is history.

I am not a prolific shooter.  I accept a gig here and there - if a job or subject interests me, I'll shoot it.  On occasion, I do wedding photography, but that's maybe once a year tops.  Lately I've been shooting architectural / real estate photography.  

I look forward to sharing my knowledge, experiences, and pictures with you here.

Enjoy your visit!

Mike Mu