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Ego Cycle Resources and Parts

Check with your local dealer first, that's probably going to save you a lot of grief and you get to support Ego dealers which helps to keep Ego Vehicles in business.  All around a good thing!  Unfortunately, my local dealer isn't really any good.  I've left voicemails with the business and never got a call back.  My local bicycle shop is almost no help either.

Update April 2012

Call in to order parts.  Ego has been sold to a new owner with new management team.  They transitioned to California and they're setting up shop.  I hope they will make an official announcement on their website soon!

Upgrade parts that I've personally used and recommend (my Ego SE has a 24 to 12 volt DC converter and was built September 2005 - If yours was built after 2006, your electric system is all 24 volt):

Please verify the parts with those on your scooter because they have changed from year to year. Most notably the change from a 24 volt / 12 volt system to all 24 volt.  You can tell your model year by looking at the manufacturing sticker behind the front wheel against the chassis.  It will have a date of manufacture and possibly a VIN number.

If you have a DC-DC converter, you have a 24 / 12 Volt System. All your accessories run 12 Volt.


10 Amp Fuses - your Ego uses 2 of them.  It's good to have replacements handy. 

Fuse ATC 10 AMP Red

Fuse ATC 10 AMP Red

Rear tail-light bulbs - 1157.  Your tail light just needs one if your cycle is not already LED based.  LX and SE models are not LED based from the factory.  They have the following marking etched: CKLUX P21/5W12V21/5W37R E13 322

This is a high priority item to have on hand, luckily you can find these just about anywhere auto parts are sold.  These seem to blow out often enough for many ego riders.

D. C. Index Base

1157 Bulbs at MCM

I have switched my tail-light to LED though.  There are a few ways to do it, and one of them is simply to buy replacement LED Indicator Lights- 1157 Style.  You will want one that is either side firing or has 360 degree coverage as the lightbulb plugs in at an angle.  Although regular front firing ones work, just not as effectively.  More 1157 LED Replacement Bulbs

I opted to buy a complete LED tail light and replace the original one. 

If you want to retain the same look, the following tail light could do the trick, but it was too expensive for my taste.



Turn signal light bulbs -4 total - Etched on each one

: CKLUX P21W12V21W37R E13 317

I have found that you can simply reverse the polarity of the contacts and use a standard 1157 light bulb.  Again you can simply buy a 1157 LED lightbulb that plugs right in provided you reverse the polarity contacts in back.  Like before they are also side mounted so a 360 degree one is ideal.

Head lamp bulb (for Ego LX made before May 2006).  No local easy to find replacement - you may have to get it from China or Taiwan if it ever runs out of stock.  


Gorilla Cycle Alarm Systems


This is the 7007 shown, not too much has changed functionality wise with that and the newer 8xxx series.

Installation is actually pretty easy as long as you have the right tools and don't feel a strong need for the LED light to be installed as that requires an 8mm Drill Bit which is more difficult to find.

I will share my installation pictures and notes with you in the future, but someone already has posted a great how-to install.  You can find it by joining the Yahoo Groups Ego Groups.


Screws, Nuts and Bolts for eGo

Found locally at Lowe's

The main ones used on your eGo are button cap socket screws.  If you need to, in a pinch you can selectively unscrew a screw or two to cover critical needs till you can get a set of screws.

At my local Lowe's, the closest I could find were some screws by Hillman, part # 880825.  Socket Hd Cap Screw, Class 12.9, M5-.80 x 16.  Besides the head and the color, they work beautifully as substitutes if you can't find a local alternative.  A class 12.9 screw has the highest tensile strength too, so you can count on it to hold things together - just make sure you don't over tighten things.


Ego Drive Belts:

There are two drive belts, a primary and a secondary drive belt.

eGo Primary Belt Drive

eGo Secondary Belt Drive

Both found here at electricscooterparts.com.


Ego Tire Upgrades:

You pretty much want something that will fit, give enough cushion, has low rolling resistance, and works well in the environment that you will be riding in.


20" BMX tires are the proper fit.  


You also want something around 2 inches to handle the weight and maintain a similar if not better ride.

Low Rolling Resistance:

You have to examine the treadwear and see if it was designed to work in the environment you'll be in 90% of the time.  Get something that supports high PSI (85 psi plus).

Puncture resistant:

This is good in almost any environment.  You will want to slime your tubes (make sure you get the ones for bicycles, there is a formulation difference), and get puncture resistant tires that have built in kevlar and tire protection built in.  If not, tire liners are a good idea.

I picked this to replace my stock front tire after my first flat.  

The Schwalbe Big Apple HS 338 Fatty Bicycle Tire (20x2.0, Allround Wire Beaded, Reflex) are also a very popular choice.  I may stock up on a set:



These PowerSonics are rated the best for your eGo scooter from a price and performance standpoint:

Seems to be around $85 with free shipping 3/13/2012.  So figure about $170 for a set.

12V 35AH found on buy.com for $69.99 - best price seen Nov 30th, 2012 

Powersonic PS-12350 Battery for eGo Scooter at $69.99 with free shipping. iconStill best price 6/13/2013.


Motor Brushes


There are I believe 4 motor brushes on the eGo scooter motor.  2 of them are easily accessible, and its easiest to take one out and see which ones you need to replace them with when the time comes.

Here is a picture of the motor brush from an eGo scooter from 2003 (I think) - Just google the brush part number and you should be able to find them in stock somewhere:

More to come.


Powerpole Modular Connectors

Powerpole Modular Connectors

Powerpole connectors provide reliability, flexibility and convenience. Each Powerpole connector is a genderless, single connector half of which can be dovetailed together to create customized connectors. Popular connector used for RC cars and ideal for automotive use. Block your housing together, insert crimped contacts and plug two halves together. Contacts are rated for 30 amps at 600 volts. Each package includes ten black and ten red housings, and 20 contacts, enough for five complete sets.

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