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New Fast Food Category - Sushi

Pokinometry's Large BowlI love sushi.  But cheap sushi... not so much.  Until I went to Pokinometry.  The sushi isn't the best, but mixed up in a sushi bowl for around $10, it simply works.  You pick the size bowl starting at around $8 with tax, choose what you want in it Chipotle style.  I'd give it 4.5 stars - yelp link here.


Fresh Roast - San Gabriel, CA

I've been here a handful of times to meetup with friends, work, or just to get my caffeine fix over the years.  I've lapsed a good year or so since being back - checking on yelp still shows its the highest rated cafe around with 4.5 stars.

The person staffing the counter (Jennifer?) was really nice.  I actually just wanted my usual cup-of-joe, but she really pushed the Coffee Lover's Coffee (which was mostly a latte).  I told her that I just wanted a cup of their regular coffee; she said she'd bring it out to me when ready.  I noticed they also had sugar cane juice - something I'll try next time.

10 minutes later, she places a cup in front of me.  I let it sit for a while, but then tasted it - and it wasn't what I ordered.  Turns out it was their 'Coffee Lover's Coffee.' Oh well...

A couple of things I noted on this visit:


  • They post a time limit on how long you can sit.  I believe its an hour limit or so.
  • Wifi with minimum $5 purchase.  My coffee lover's cup was about $5, but I brought my own hotspot.
  • Very few power outlets to be found.
  • People smoking right in front near the entrance with the front door open brought the smoke right in.
  • It's kind of dim inside, so sit near the front by the big glass windows.


This place feels like a local, home, family coffee shop.  I can see how people make it their local go-to coffee shop.  I wish I could comment on the quality of the coffee, but nothing really stood out in my cup or from recent memory.

I'd go back, but I'd definitely make sure my order was heard correctly.

I'm not really big on the interior decor.  Some 360s of the interior here, and here.





$9.99 Lobster and Noodles Dish @ Mama Lu's Dumpling House

At Mama Lu's Dumpling House in Monterey Park Downtown.  This remains the best value for dinner that I've seen. The quality and quantity of food varies widely sometimes, but generally each dish ordered is enough for at least 4 people.  I recommend getting the frozen fennel dumplings to go for an easy meal at home.



Noodle Soup in Super Market - Yum Cha Cafe - El Monte, CA

House special noodle soup for $4.79.  This was from the Thuan Phat Supermarket location in S. El Monte.  I thought it was decent for the price, but I was hungry and needed to wait for a special same day delivery package to arrive.  I'd say I'd go back and try it again, but this time to-go, since the dining area hardly gets a wipe down or cleanup.  (Think cafeteria style.)


2650 Rosemead Blvd
South El MonteCA 91733

(626) 579-2388




My First Affogato

An affogato means 'drowned' in Italian.  As a drink, it's typically vanilla gelato drowned in hot espresso -- and its delicious way to get a pick-me-up in the afternoon.  

This Affogato came from Macchiato in Monterey Park, (right next to Half and Half Tea House) and only cost $3.50 (or 10% less if you check-in with Foursquare).