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Mophie Juice Pack Wireless Charge Force Review

Quick First Look Hands On Review of Mophie Juice Pack Wireless and Charging Base

A video posted by Mike Mu (@mikemuonline) on Aug 18, 2016 at 1:22pm PDT

Let's just get it out of the way, the Mophie Juice Pack Wireless is the best implementation of the Qi Wireless standard and battery pack together all-in-one that I've ever tested.  It solves several issues for me:


  1. Extended battery life.
  2. Charges with sufficient power to handle GPS and charging battery at same time.
  3. Qi and Powermat Charging compatible.


To my knowledge, its currently the only product on the market capable of doing the three things above, for that alone its worth a 'recommended' from me.

However, its not perfect.  One annoying thing is that in a quiet room, with the phone next to you charging from the battery or Qi or both I hear an electric pulsing sound.  It is annoying enough that I don't want it charging next to me in my home office.  I think this will go away with age (of the user) and the ability to hear higher frequencies.  I really don't know if its a defect with mine or if they are all like that as I don't hear anybody else complaining about this in any other review.  I will write Mophie about this and see what they say.

Second thing I see a lot of reviewers have issue with is the magnetic mount.  You have to get their system in order to have it mount properly.  That means either the desk mount, or the car mount (at the time of this review).  The included base does not have enough magnetic properties to mount on the wall and that is by design.  If the magnets in the base were as strong as those on the car/desk mount, you'd life the base right up ever time.

The above two mounts should work just fine.  I bought the desk mount, and converted it to a car mount / desk mount hybrid by using it with an Ottie system so that mine attaches via suction cup and microsuction to surfaces and windshields.  The case itself has some magnets, which then align with the magnets in the Mophie mounts to create a solid magnetic connection.  Having used it the past 2-3 weeks now, it works as advertised.

One final thing is that the kit does not come with an AC Adapter to USB that works with it.  You need to find and use your own, and the one from the iPhone will not cut it.  Get an iPad capable one, that puts out 2 Amps and you will be fine.


DJI Osmo Battery Extender for Inspire Batteries

DJI Osmo Battery Extender and Inspire Cable by mikemuonline


If you already own another DJI product such as the Phantom 3 drone, Phantom for drone, DJI gimbal stabilizer, or a DJI inspire drone, you might want to consider getting the DJI Osmo battery extender for your Osmo stabilizer.


The battery life of the DJI Osmo leaves a lot to be desired. I get roughly one hour of use the way that I use it and then I get battery anxiety because I only have 2 batteries right now. Each battery roughly runs about $35 from DJI plus tax brings it up to about $40.

I already have batteries for my DJI inspire drone, and while they are more expensive they should give me a full day of shooting with my Osmo at 100 W hours for the TB 47, and more for the TB 48.  The main thing that I have an issue with is the cable adapter that plugs into my DJI inspire battery is fairly loose. There is no locking mechanism to ensure that it remains plugged in while shooting. Nor is there a backup system within the adapter that allows it to save the recording should the power suddenly cut out.

It looks like at this point in time I'm going to have to use gaffer's tape or some sort of rubber band to ensure that it doesn't happen while I'm recording.






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