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My 32 GB Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro Wi-Fi 128GB Gold - A bigger, better iPad experience. Now only $879 (was $949) with Free Shipping

I personally made the mistake of purchasing mine from Sam's Club for the 32GB for $779 back in January 2016 and then didn't know that their return policy was 14 days.  I had just wanted to try it back in January and they didn't have the 128 GB...

32 GB is not enough, but I managed by not loading much of anything on it and use it primarily for work stuff, with docs in the cloud.

I wish I could take videos with me, but 32GB is simply too small a size.  Why o why doesn't Apple start these at 64 GB?


Perfect for my old iPad - Real Lag Free Second Display Driver

Duet Display - Rahul Dewan

Is unique in that there is no lag and no connectivity issues because it works like a display driver for your connected iOS display.  Yes, this means that you have to connect your iPad or iPhone with a cable, and yes, it requires some of your processing power to drive the display but for $10 (intro price), you get a second (up-to Retina) display!  Check it out.


Reversible USB Cables are Coming Sooner Than You Think

Start now with the kickstarter campaign.


GoodReader 4 Intros at $2.99

I love Good Reader for iPad.  Been using it since it was free or $0.99 and its the best way to consume PDFs since I got my iPad 1.

They've added some new features, but now ask you to pay.  Good news is, the introductory price is only $2.99 and it adds some useful features.

GoodReader 4 - Good.iWare Ltd.


Octa Tail Flexible iPad Mount For $49.99

Octa TabletTail: Monkey Kit (Vacuum Dock + MonkeyTail) Stand for iPad, Tablets and e-Readers

Octa TabletTail: Monkey Kit (Vacuum Dock + MonkeyTail) Stand for iPad, Tablets and e-Readers

Enjoy your iPad or tablet anywhere. The powerful Octa Tablet Tail Monkey Kit will hold your tablet so you don't have to. It wraps, curls and tucks in place for comfortable browsing. It features hands-free operation. It rotates 360 degrees for your choice

The Octa Tablet Tail gets great reviews on Amazon, and is on sale for Black Friday weekend for $49.99.