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Form Labs Fuse 1 3D Printer

Really impressive tech that is more within the reach of consumers now.  ($10000)


My Backpack for the Boosted Board


Alexa Now Has a Display, Coming Soon!


In case you haven't heard, Amazon has just announced the new Echo show. It's please bring everything you love about Alexa, but now she can show you stuff on the screen. What I'm very interested in using it for is to have it play video flash briefings, YouTube, and make video and voice calls.
Calls between Echo devices, and Echo apps are completely free. As long as the call quality is excellent, I won't have any problem with it - if not, that would be a dealbreaker and cost for me to return the device. 
Very important to note, is that if you buy 2 Echo show devices now, you can save $100 on the entire order with the limited time coupon: SHOW2PACK.



New Instax Square Digital Hybrid Camera / Printer


Video Conversion - My choice

I know there are a lot of converters.  One of them is free, and excellent (Handbrake) because it is open sourced, and most importantly free.  However, I always go back to Wondershare Video Converter (both Mac and PC) because it simply works and supports HEVC from way back when the Samsung NX-1 series first became available.

I only really use the conversion features, but it has other things I don't use such as the editor and burner.  I just drag and drop the videos I want converter, and let it do its thing in a queue.

Lately I've also been combining a lot of video clips from GoPro and Sony Action cams.  I appreciate their software is Intel optimized as well as GPU enhanced processing compared to Sony's free Play Memories Home software.  It really saves a lot of time.

Look out for sales on these.

Wondershare Video Converter Pro