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My Ego Vehicles Electric Cycle

I've been primarily trying to stay away from driving since coming back from my trip to China this summer (2010).  (See this video - it's true, everybody rides an electric bike in Shanghai.)  I stuck with it for about 2 months upon coming back, and then it got way too hot and I gave in and started driving on 100+ degree days during the day.  (I still do about 15-20 mile recreation rides daily in the evening on a regular human powered bicycle though.)

Then I found this eGo cycle listed on craigslist while browsing the bicycle section.  I had one (eGo Classic) a few years ago but sold it when my daily schedule meant I was traveling out of it's operating range (beyond 20 miles round trip).  Seeing it again had me thinking that it'd be perfect for those days where I just felt lazy.  This one was near perfect condition so I snatched it up.

It's super fun to ride, and has zero emissions since it's all electric.  It costs about 8 cents to charge to go up to 20+ miles (now 40+ with my extended range battery pack connected).  Compare that to a gallon of gas, which takes my Jag 18 miles (freeway, or 10-15 stop n go), I can travel 700 miles (energy equivalent conversion.)  Also in California it is classified as an electric motorized bicycle which technically requires a moped license plate, but does not require vehicle registration or even a license to ride.  And it can go anywhere bicycles are allowed by law.  In most other states though it is strictly a "bicycle."

I now have the Ego Cycle SE 2005 model pictured here (outdated):

It features the following additional enhancements I've installed from stock:



Belkin Conserve Socket Power Timer so that I schedule my charge time to never exceed what's necessary after a ride.


Details on these upgrades will be posted in the future.

Future upgrades:

Super comfy seat. 
Cateye LED Turn Signals.
Renewable rear brake pads. 
Schwalbe Big Apple HS 338 Fatty Bicycle Tire (20x2.0, Allround Wire Beaded, Reflex)
BLS 12 & 24 Volt Battery Desulfator

Maxxis Hookworm Tire, 20 x 1.95

More safety lighting.