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Norton Internet Security Causing Panic on Macbook

Got panic attacks with my Macbook.  Norton had to go.



Apple Watch Swollen Battery, Fixed Free Now

Had my Apple watch fixed under the Quality Program E1 by Apple.  Original generation Apple Watches have their warranty extended to 3 years now which will cover these issues as well as sensors popping out.

Take your Macbook 12 to Pro


Macbook USB Hub For Travel

The big issue with using a USB hub for travel is that I need to plug in purely USB powered hard drives often to do backups and the Macbook Retina only has one USB-C port used for both power and everything else.

I tried looking in the Taipei Guang Hua marketplace for a portable USB, that can also be external powered using an external battery pack or even an internal one.  (Funny enough, abou 10 years ago I was able to find one that had an internal battery pack but was for USB 2 which I used up till about 5 years ago when I lost it.)

So back in the states, I found what I needed for $17.

I've only had it for a day, seems to work just fine.  More importantly, I can use an external USB power pack to supply the extra power.  Will report back if there are any issues.


Mi's Super Lightweight External MacBook Battery

I picked up XiaoMi's 10,000 mAH Pro pack a few days ago.  It has a USB-C port that can be used to extend my MacBook's power a few more hours while I'm out at the cafes working.  Its also very slim and lightweight.  I only wish they sold the battery sleeves already like they do their other battery packs.

Fit and finish are absolutely top-notch Apple-like quality.  Included are a micro-USB cable and adapter that converts its head to USB-C - its just a few inches long but perfect for my needs. 

Since I haven't used it much, I can't really give it a thorough review but it has proved itself useful so far in charging up my Nexus 5X, and iPhone so far and suffices to alleviate my concerns of needing a few more hours of power while away from power outlets here in Taiwan.