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If you are tired of paying your monthly phone bill for your home, but still want to keep your number AND get unlimited phone long distance calling, getting an Ooma is a no-brainer.

Consumer reports recently did a test with the Ooma and ranked it the BEST phone service on the market. 7/2011.

I've been using mine since 2008 and have had very little issues - all had to do with the internet going down in our area.



Latest news from Ooma at the 2010 CES here.


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New Ooma Code: (November 2010)



Ooma Telo VOIP Phone System Base at JR.com for $75 was the lowest price I've seen.

The ooma Core VoIP Phone System is the system you want if you don't want to pay the now required yearly annual fee of $11.75 plus (this fee has gone up).  This is the only system that currently does not have the yearly fee.  The Ooma core includes both the ooma Hub and an ooma Scout and is grandfathered into the original true FREE (no additional monthly/yearly fees) service.

Note that some refurbished units that were made or licensed prior to the taxes introduced may not have to pay the fee.  Your mileage may vary and I really don't know a great way to tell.

A newer ooma Telo was introduced 3rd quarter of 2009.  Its got a more powerful dual core processor, runs linux using FreeSwitch, so can possibly support new additional features that the Ooma Core system can't.  

Introduced with the Telo are the HD Telo DECT handsets which allow you to access all the Ooma features through the handset wirelessly.

Note that none of the accessories for either (scout / wireless handset) are cross compatible.  The Telo cannot use the ooma Scout, and the core system cannot use the ooma Telo handset.


What should you get?

You should get the core if you have a large house and/or want to stick to wired phones (versus wireless).  The Core also has arguably easier to access buttons.  Some people have complained that the Telo handsets won't reach the extent of their large home whereas with the original Ooma core you just need to hook up the ooma Scout where you have a phone jack and you're connected.

(Its important to note that the ooma Hub is the only item that needs a network connection as the Scouts operate through regular phone lines using HPNA network interface (no ethernet necessary).

Get the Telo if you want access to some advanced new features coming this year.  But, be aware that there is a monthly tax (paid yearly) - click here to see what your fee will be.


Great information about the Telo release here at this blog.

Ooma Service Ports for advanced users.


FAXing with Ooma

Using Ooma with fax machines - Ooma's how to page to send faxes.  In my experience it has been a real hit or miss sending faxes through my fax machine connected through Ooma even with using the *99.  The transmission is slower and you definitely don't want to be using any uplink bandwidth (which is typically slower than your downlink/download speed).

If you have a high uplink speed, then it shouldn't be a problem.  Most DSL and Cable model services do not qualify, but if you have a full T1, T3, premium fiber connection then it should be OK.

With the Ooma Telo system you can login and change your preferences to enable faxes to always be on.  They do note that it may decrease the voice call quality on your end so keep that in mind.  



Start faxing with eFax - the #1 Electronic Fax!


Ooma Telo Handset Review.


Announed late June 2010:

Now Available: Ooma Mobile iPhone Application



Dear Mike,

We're pleased to announce that the Ooma Mobile iPhone app is now available for download in the App Store. Now you can put Ooma in your pocket and take it with you on the go!

Ooma Mobile allows you to make phone calls over Wi-Fi using your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Since these calls go over Wi-Fi instead of the cellular network, you can transform devices like your iPod touch and iPad into a fully functioning phone and make phone calls anywhere you have Wi-Fi access.

If you have a 3G-enabled device like the iPhone and some versions of the iPad, you can also make calls over your 3G data connection, giving you full mobility while still bypassing the voice minutes on your calling plan.

Ooma Mobile phone calls are charged at a rate of 1.9¢ per minute for domestic calls - less than half of what cellular minute costs on most calling plans and a small fraction of the rate you would be charged if you go over your plan. If you are considering upgrading to Ooma Premier, there is no better time - Ooma Premier subscribers get 250 FREE minutes of U.S. calling every month using Ooma Mobile.

Benefits of using Ooma Mobile

Call Overseas
Save up to 90% on international calling using your Ooma prepaid account and/or International Bundle subscription.
Save on Minutes
Save money by cutting minutes off your calling plan and shifting usage to Ooma Mobile over Wi-Fi and 3G.
Conserve Bandwidth
Reduce 3G bandwidth usage for phone calls by 60% with Ooma PureVoice™ technology
Take Ooma To Go
Keep the same caller-id whether you're calling from your Ooma box at home or on the road with Ooma Mobile.


Issues with Ooma:

Outages every once in a blue moon for a short period.