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Top Radar Detectors



One of the biggest issues with comparing the GPS enabled radar detectors with one of the top contenders, the Valentine 1, is that you know there is a signal detected, but you have no idea where.

The Best Radar Detectors now feature a 'LIVE' portion such as Passport 9500ix and the Live Wire option which is also compatible with a few of their other models.

What the big deal with this is that it allows other users to give you live updates as to what's going on around you.  Speedtraps, police spotted, radar / laser traps so that you know that there is a situation coming up.

It'll have the red light cameras, traffic cams, and other user reported issues sent right to your iPhone / Android phone via bluetooth through the Escort Live combination.


Escort Live is a game changer for Smartphone users.  They are selling it now to the public, but they are short on stock right now. 

However! I have personally found the Waze app (free) to be the best at live notices of speed traps, police, dangers, construction on the road here in Western USA.  With that in mind, I'd say the Valentine 1, with the auto-mute feature, smartphone app, and Waze to be the best combination.


Why traffic tickets can cost hundreds - Mercury News - April 2010.

The GX65 vs 9500ix:

So I own all three of these top portable radar detectors.  I can tell you the only major difference that I've found between the GX65 and the 9500ix is that the 9500ix has auto-learning.

The database updates and structure from the subscription plans are identical.
The ability to detect radars and threats are identical.
The power cables / cords are interchangeable.
The mounting brackets and options are identical. 

What I like more about the GX65:
I like the red LEDs - of a glare to my eyes.
The buttons are easier for me to access.
Auto-learning won't 'mess' me up because I choose what might be a threat myself. 
It's a little cheaper, plus people aren't as likely to steal it as they would an Escort 9500ix.

What I like more about the 9500ix vs GX65:
The sound is less annoying - lower brurp - that's just a personal preference.
The auto-learning function for when I'm super lazy to mark it down myself.  
The auto-learning that automatically disables / removes from GPS database threats that are false positives after you drive back and forth a few times. 
You can disable auto-learning and it would function just like a GX-65.   

Passport 9500iX review by a user.


Valentine 1:

The Valentine 1 has the directional arrows - you aren't flying blind, so you know where the threat would be coming from.

Valentine 1 has superior X band detection if that matters to you.  It doesn't to me here in California.

Sometimes the Valentine 1 spots the Ka band earlier than the GX65 and 9500ix - about a second to two seconds earlier than the GX65 / 9500ix on the freeway going 70 MPH.

NO GPS filtering.

Get the Valentine 1 if you are primarily doing long distance freeway driving.  I find it's just plain annoying in the city so it gets muted / turned down / ignored.


Must read: MSN - The Truth About Speed Traps


Escort Passport iQ - Radar Detector + GPS navigator in one

I like the concept of the unit, and integrating both into one was something I've wanted for years - I still don't understand why it took so long.  Someone should have bought or merged a company or two in order to put this together.

Anyway, its announced.  Read all about it.  

Unless I get a review unit from them, I won't be posting a review on it.  It looks promising though, and something to consider if you don't already have a radar detector and have an old GPS unit and want to take back some dashboard / windshield real estate.  Now if only they could add the directional arrows from the Valentine 1....


Beltronics GX-65 Gallery Here.