Once You Know, You Newegg
no one deals like we do!

I have complete records of all my good and bad transactions.  Sure you hear about how some people got screwed or were robbed, but  the majority of people that I've dealt with on craigslist have been good up and down California and Nevada. 

Please be sure to visit my FAQ page.

However this is my personal list of people to avoid on craigslist that I recommend you avoid too.  If you want to contribute to such a list, please check out my craigslist douche bag section to post your own.

These are a list of people that may be a waste of your time:

7/10 shady stars:
Christian Brewer

5/10 shady stars:

5/10 shady stars:

10/10 shady stars:
Anyone that asks you if still available, then offers to pay you more than your asking price because they are out of town and want to mail it to their family member, and pay via fake money order, stolen paypal account, etc. 

Reasons for shady stars range from:

Excessive spamming, flagging of legit posts, cussing, swearing, threats, website attacks, rudeness, flakes after deal is set/appointment scheduled, wasting my time and yours, trolls/trolling, scam artists, fakes, selling stolen goods, passing salvaged cars as clean titles...


Craigslist scams page has some helpful hints on protecting yourself. 

I don't bother posting about the scammers that are going to ship your car to you, there are simply too many.  Bottom line is if the deal is too good to be true, it probably is! 

Facebook has a great new safety page here.