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Recommended Reading:

Got Sun? Go Solar, Expanded 2nd Edition focuses mostly on Solar PV Panels and gives a lot of good advice for starting out, but doesn't get far into technical details.  Its a great first book to read for planning once you've already exhausted ways to cut energy usage around the home.


Solar Power Your Home For Dummies covers a lot about how to make your home more efficient so as to maximize the amount of energy you get from solar power.  And not just solar power in the PV sense, but harnessing the power of the sun to generate heat, electricity, cool your home, and to cook even!  It has a lot of project ideas and is a great book for do-it-yourselfers.




Off the Grid Kits:

This is good for maintaining a small backup power system, remote power usage such as at tailgate parties, cabins, boats, RVs.  Just add some batteries and you're good to go.



60 Watt solar kit.  Great for starting out actually.  Decently well made and efficient enough for the money.  Where you miss out is of course the efficiency - it takes up more space than newer more efficient (and more expensive) models.


Simple, cheap, effective Grid Tie Inverters:



Wind Power:



Small Batteries:



MK 8G31


DC to AC Inverters: